Kiran – I spy on him sleeping through the window Maya – looking thoughtful  


Kiran – my poor little hamster-cheeked boy Maya – no matter how naughty she’s been all day, she becomes an angel every night when she sleeps  


This is not the best photo of Maya but I wanted to put it in to remind myself of how long her hair was before her aunt callously cut it all off 🙁  


Kiran – whenever he eats he attempts to do thumbs up but he can’t quite manage it so he points his finger at me instead. Maya – eating a cracker in the afternoon light    

Friday bits and pieces

Well it’s Friday again and we’re nearly at the end of the month. I’m rather looking forward to stating July and getting a fresh start on my work as I got so behind this month. But my dad was here for 3 weeks and we had a lot of fun and I got out of...