On Tuesday Maya started at a little local playgroup which she will be going to for a couple of hours, three days a week. I’d been debating putting her in the local international preschool which is lovely (but pricey!) but they don’t have the option of starting only a few days a week and I think it would be a little much – she’s not even 2 yet afterall. The facilities obviously aren’t as great and they don’t do as many activities but at the age Maya is, I think a couple of hours of singing, playing with toys and eating will be fine for now at least. It is Indonesian language only (apart from a few English songs) which isn’t ideal but I will reassess in a few months once she’s got used to go there and us leaving her on her own.

I know she gets bored in the house and it will be good for her to play with other kids and pick up some skills like sharing, following instructions and concentration (ha!).  She really loved her first day and everyone couldn’t believe how young she was (she is the youngest there by a good 6 months at least) – she’s not scared of anything. I really wish I had a photo of when she crashed the big kids’ dance lesson. We hung back and watched from a distance and she didn’t even look for us until the last half hour when she got a bit tired and tearful. Going to try leaving her on her own for a while tomorrow – fingers crossed!