Putu at 12 weeks

This is baby Putu who will be making his/her appearance some time in late October or early November. This is my 12 week scan picture, I’m actually 16 weeks now but bubs is being naughty already and was not cooperating for my scan yesterday. I was really hoping we’d find out the sex but all we have is a picture of a disembodied head with crossed legs:

Putu 16 weeks

I swear the little blighter has actually put his/her hands over his/her bits! Doctor said he *thinks* boy but he’s not sure so I’ll have to wait another month for my next scan. Grrr…. I was really looking forward to doing some shopping and Made won’t let me buy anything until we know the sex. I had a boy feeling from the beginning but not so sure in the last few weeks. Everyone else seems to think girl. So stay tuned to find out if we are having a Balinese dancer or a Kung Fu master!

We’re currently trying to come up with a shortlist of names that we both agree on which is no easy task! The first name will be Putu, whether it’s a boy or a girl as it’s our first baby and that is the tradition for naming babies here.

I have started to show a tiny bit although really I just look like I’ve got a bit fat more than being pregnant… I’m hoping that won’t last for too much longer! Not felt any movements yet either but that should be happening within the next few weeks too – exciting!

In other news, it was Galungan last week and it’s Kuningan this Saturday. The Galungan/Kuningan period is pretty much the biggest ceremony on the Balinese calendar and all the temples are dressed up and there’s a lot of eating, offering making and temple going. This is my third Galungan in Bali and I’ve still not got round to taking pictures of the pretty penjor (big bamboo decorations that line the streets for the duration of the ceremony), I would say maybe next time but I’ll have a few week old baby to keep me occupied then so I doubt it.

I do have some pictures from our visit to the Pande family temple the other day but I look hideous (due to previously mentioned looking fat not pregnant) so they’re not going up, sorry!