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Grandad’s back in town and so we’ve been doing a lot of hanging out at the pool. As a consequence of this, my baby boy (ok not so much a baby anymore as he’s 2 next week – eek!) has started swimming all by himself (with armbands). I have had many proud mummy moments watching my kids play happily by themselves in the pool . A few months ago I would have been frazzled from keeping an eye on Maya while trying to stop kiran from drowning himself.

We really don’t take advantage of the climate and number of outdoor pools here enough and hardly ever go swimming when we don’t have family visiting. Now that they’re both swimming happily alone, I think i might have to make the effort to make it a weekly thing so they don’t lose their confidence and we can eventually ditch the armbands.

Plus it is their favourite thing in the world. Just the mere mention of a swimming pool or sight of armbands is enough to make Kiran start taking his clothes off and pleading “ming! ming!”

in other proud mummy moments, Maya spelled out her name in alphabet blocks tonight! I had no idea she could do such a thing. They’re growing up so fast! *sniff*