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Well it’s been quite a while since I posted properly. We’ve been pretty busy since then – first trip back to the UK since Maya was a baby and Maya started school. I’ve been getting used to the new schedule and the eternal struggle of juggling time with kids, work and housework. Housework is pretty much winning at the moment, some days I feel like all I’ve done from sunrise to sunset is clean and wash clothes. Anyway….

I kind of lost the motivation to post here for a while but I’ve been feeling inspired again recently and find myself writing blog posts in my head. I have a lot to catch up on so I may as well get on with it.

Actually I should be working right now as I have two articles due tomorrow and it’s my birthday so I kind of wanted a day off. But today’s just been one of those days, you know the ones where you really just want to stay in bed. Funnily the day before I was feeling really upbeat and energetic and positive about everything and then today I’m feeling so down again. Hey ho, that’s how it goes, up and down like a yo-yo. Anyway I figured the best thing I could do, rather than sit up half the night procrastinating, is get an early night (it’s already 10pm so not really an early night for me anymore but whatever) and start afresh in the morning. Hopefully if I can be productive in the morning it will leave the rest of the day free for fun, or at least the afternoon after my girl gets out of school.

I don’t really have any birthday plans. I’m kind of not in the mood for anything in particular. I did buy a cake to share with Made (whose birthday is the day after mine) and I’m planning to treat myself to a spot of online shopping. Maybe we’ll go out for dinner but being on a school night makes things kind of awkward (gah, school messes up everything).

So it’s funny, since I got back from our little trip to England (and Scotland, briefly) I’m feeling a weird sense of not quite homesickness, but nostalgia and longing that I never had before (this is one of those things that’s expressed better in other languages – natsukashii in Japanese pretty much sums it up). I was always very happy to live in Bali and I couldn’t wait to escape the UK while I was there. Sure I missed my family and friends, Primark, Sainsburys and fast cheap internet but I figured it was worth it to trade it all in for our life of palm trees and rice fields.

I still do feel that but I’m missing things in a way that I didn’t after our last trip and I’m not sure if it’s because Maya is bigger now and able to benefit from the parks and museums and all the UK has to offer and I’m seeing an alternate reality in my head where there are four seasons and my kids are living out a childhood similar to my own.

Anyway, I’m not on the point of booking us all tickets back to blighty (not that they’d let in my husband even if we wanted to, thanks for that UK government) but I’m indulging myself a little by reading some of my favourite and some new British blogs (Tigerlilly Quin / Make Do & Push / Me & Orla)and online window shopping on sites like Cath Kidston and Emma Bridgewater. I figure once I’m rich and successful, I can fill my house in Bali with lots of Britishy things.

I am actually doing some real online shopping too, I mean it is my birthday after all… picked myself up a little reminder of my home town from the Baltic gallery shop (an amazing modern art gallery with an even more amazing shop that you must go to if you’re ever in Newcastle/Gateshead.  We didn’t have time to squeeze in a visit on this trip but we did all go with Maya when she was a little bald baby). I didn’t think much of Newcastle when I was growing up there but the older I’ve got, the more I came to appreciate it. I was glad Maya got to share the experience of getting a train over the river and seeing all the bridges 🙂

So I’m getting this:


and also some other pretty things that have nothing to do with Newcastle but I just want them (honestly the amount of money I used to spend in this shop when I lived there…) I haven’t quite decided which to choose!

That’s about it for now. More about our trip and other things soon, I promise! I must say, it feels nice to be blogging again 🙂