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For the past three weeks I’ve been working on a new business. Actually it’s an old business but having neglected it for so many years, it was bringing in a negligible amount of cash each month. After floundering for so long, I finally felt motivated and inspired enough to give up all my freelance work and concentrate 100% on working for myself.

Now the pressure is on as I have no other source of income and I’ve basically been working my socks off to do as much as I can in-between chasing after the kids and keeping the house relatively clean. Spending every possible free moment typing away on my computer has resulted in me feeling rather burned out and it’s tricky to stay motivated when I know I won’t even see the results of my efforts for at least a few months.

I don’t take the time to get out and enjoy our neighbourhood as much as I should but it’s amazing what 20 minutes of outside time can do for my mental health. Not just me but also Maya who’s usually tired out and grumpy in the afternoons from her morning at school and Kiran who’s usually woken up from his nap and is groggy and bad tempered.

Approaching the end of September, we’re coming up to my favourite time of the year if we’d been in the UK. I just love the turn of the seasons into Autumn when the nights start getting darker, the leaves are falling from the trees and you can almost smell the chill in the air. I hadn’t thought about it much for the past few years but our recent trip has made me reminisce about my life before and yearn for dressing up in warm clothes, Halloween and bonfire night.

I know I’m overly romanticising though because with that first chill comes bitter cold and rain and sludge and hours and hours of darkness. Where else in the world can you step out of your front door without a coat or shoes and have this waiting for you every single day? I guess eternal summer isn’t so bad after all.