Ok I’m finally getting around to writing about our UK trip which we took in June. Excuses for leaving it so long? Well my mac was dead for quite a while (after already being fixed in England and ended up needing a whole new logic board) but if you’ve been round here for a while you’ll know what a bad blogger I am so that’s really my main excuse.

This was kind of a last minute trip after my mum offered to fly us out for a holiday. Just me and my big girl (Made wasn’t really interested in going and we decided to leave Kiran at home with him). Maya’s been on a plane before when she was a baby but this was the first trip that she could remember so she was very excited about it.

In fact she was terribly excited just being in the airport – so much to look at and so many toys and books and she insisted on posing for a photo with every single shop display! I actually thought I wasn’t going to be able to get her out of the airport shops and board the plane.



We had a night flight and annoyingly she fell asleep just as we were landing in Singapore. She wasn’t very happy about being woken up and getting off the plane (“are we there yet?”) but once she found the M&Ms shop, she perked up again. I actually thought she was so hyped up she wasn’t going to sleep again but she was out before we’d even reached the end of the runway.


Maya was great on the flight. She slept for half of it and then kept herself quiet playing with the things I’d packed the rest of the time. I was totally unimpressed with KLM who stated on their website that kids got a goody bag with games, pencils, a key chain, stickers and so on. Well we got nothing on both flights. The kids meal was also a complete joke and Maya refused to eat any of it. Luckily I’d packed loads of snacks and things to keep her occupied. We don’t have an iPad, only a kindle fire on its last legs and the battery only holds charge for about an hour so I decided to leave it at home. instead I packed her lots of colouring and sticker books, a magnetic drawing tablet, some plastic animals and snakes and ladders. Everything was a big success and I was glad I’d brought it all as she couldn’t really watch the tv because it was too high and couldn’t be angled properly. On the way back I bought her a knock-off my little pony which she played with practically all the time she wasn’t sleeping.


While Maya travelled well, I can’t say the same for me. I used to fly and travel a lot but I guess I’m out of practice and I found the whole experience quite nerve-wracking. We had a lot of turbulence flying over Thailand on the way out and were right at the back of the plane which didn’t help. I was grabbing the armrests and closing my eyes. Luckily Maya was asleep but she didn’t seem bothered by the whole flying experience anyway, she just didn’t like the loud noises – she was most scared of the toilet flush and I had to let her go back to the seat so I could flush it while she wasn’t there.

The journey back was also pretty horrific. We were delayed on the runway in Amsterdam for ages because there was a problem with the engine and they needed to fix it :-O then we landed in Singapore and during the wait time (everyone gets off the plane, they clean it and you get back on an hour later) a mega storm had started complete with torrential rain and lightning. The pilot announced that he’d have to do a special extra fast and extra steep takeoff manoeuvre which was “perfectly safe”. Of course by this point I was convinced we were never going to make it back alive.

Next post onto what we actually did while we were there!