Kiran – I  never get tired of looking at this little face Maya – she likes to sit on Kiran’s baby walker and let him pull her around

Happy Birthday Kiran

Dear Kiran, I am scheduling this post to publish at your time of birth – 5.06am, exactly a year after you first appeared in this world. When I went to bed the night before, I was doing pretty much what I am now – messing around on the computer, keeping an...


  Kiran – swinging on the gate – a favourite game Maya – watching her current obsession, Lilo and Stitch I have a bad mummy confession: just before I took this photo, I was taking some snaps of Maya sitting on the wall of the temple. When I looked...


Kiran – he likes to get his own drinks now but he often misses his mouth Maya – just woke up from a nap, sitting in the sun

Bye Bye Baby

Half the blogs I read seem to have a common theme at the moment (apart from the snow) – “help! My baby is becoming a toddler!”. Of course this is not so surprising as I tend to follow the blogs of women with children that are of similar ages to my...