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Time just goes so fast and she gets big so quickly. 5 seems like a big milestone for some reason – like she’s transitioned out of “little kid” and moving onto the next phase. She’s at school now with a load of new friends and a life separate from my own. She’s learning new skills at a rapid rate and basically teaching herself – she’ll now write pretty neat words and sentences, just asking me how to spell the words. She’s not quite reading as the sound blending hasn’t quite clicked for her but I don’t doubt it will be soon. She can speak 3 languages and can sing songs in Japanese too. She’s an expert at accents and pronunciation and switches into English with an Indonesian accent at school and considers “English” and “American” to be completely different languages.

We got her a Baby Alive doll this year – it was all she’d been asking for for months as she’s obsessed with watching Baby Alive videos on Youtube. She’s named her new doll Emma (I’m fascinated by the fact she gives her dolls very English names, the others being Holly and Rosie). She’s become a real girly girl over the last year after being a tomboy for so long – she loves princesses and Barbies and anything pink and sparkly and will play with her dolls alone for hours. She still likes climbing trees and playing in the mud though.

She wasn’t very well for her birthday yesterday (you can see it in her face on the photos) but she still had fun running around with her cousins. I’ve kept her off school today as she’s still not 100% and running a temperature.

Happy Birthday my little princess xxx

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