Kiran – running through the rice fields at dusk. I am so grateful every day we’re here that my kids get to live out their childhood like this. Maya – she never stays still so i so rarely get an eye contact portrait like this. Taking a break from...


Wow am I becoming the world’s worst blogger or what? Here are a couple of beachy portraits from last Sunday’s afternoon on the beach. I’m finding myself working increasing long hours and spending less quality time with the kids so I’m pledging...


I’m super late with this, so what’s new? And are we really 6 weeks in already? Last week I loved this cutie in the snow, these beach exploring kids, and of course my friend Erica’s new arrival. Linking up with Jodi


Maya – a little fairy in the rice fields Kiran – birthday boy, new tricycle, intense concentration Last week I loved this little walker, this golden halo, and these little cuties. Linking up with Jodi.